Leave entitlement group settings

Leave > Settings

Make your leave types precise and customised! Set the assignee and entitlement of each leave type you've created.

Add group entitlement

Refreshment leave entitlement for all employees is 3 days. However, the company decided to benefit employees with tenure for more than 2 years with an additional 2 days.
Step 1 - Go to Leave > Settings

Step 2 - Select leave type

Step 3 - Look for the "Entitlement group" section

Step 4 - Click on "Edit"

Step 5 - Add entitlement group

Step 6 - Click on "Save"
Here is how you can tackle the leave type and make it personalised for every employee: 
1. Group name
2. Default entitlement
3. Add employee


Edit group entitlement

Did you just create a wrong group entitlement? Don't worry, editing group entitlement is allowed for your convenience: 

Delete group entitlement

There are times that some of the group entitlement will no longer be used. You can simply delete it by hitting the trash can button: 


All employees in the deleted entitlement group will automatically be added to the default group entitlement.