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In My benefits, there are 3 things you are able to do. 

1. Check your insurance coverage summary and details

You have the right to an easy-to-understand summary of a health plan's benefits and coverage. You should get a copy from your insurance company however, with Swingvy My Benefits you can access your health plan's benefits from anywhere anytime.


  • Plan
Insurance policy plan name and your insurance provider  
  • Start on / ends on
Insurance policy start date and end date  
  • Daily room & board
The room & board limit is the maximum amount of medical claims you are entitled to in a day  
  • Annual hospitalisation limit
An annual limit is the maximum amount of medical claims you are entitled to in a year  
  • Coverage details
 This is the details of what your health insurance plan you will be covered  
  • Cashless clinic visit?
You will see inpatient psychiatric treatment in your coverage summary if you have a cashless clinic visit in your policy   

2. Find panel clinics

You can find panel clinics based on your insurance providers. Follow the below guide:

AVIVA panel clinics

This is only applicable if your company purchase a cashless clinic visit in your insurance package. Your insurance providers have panel clinics. Brings your medical card to the listed panel clinics, so you don't have to pay anything during the clinic visit. 

If your company don't provide this you can visit any clinic but every time you visit a clinic, pay the bill and get the required documents. Submit a completed claim form with the necessary documents for your HR admin.

3. Learn how to make a claims

We understand that hospital bills and insurance claims can be complicated. Well, that is before we are here. With Swingvy, you can submit medical claims like a pro to your insurance providers! 
I want to learn more about how I can submit my medical claims - Clinical