Re-onboard a resigned employee

HR Hub > People > Directory

There may be situations where an employee rejoins the company after a period of time. If you're facing this situation, you don't need to re-invite them to join Swingvy, you just need to re-onboard them. Swingvy will resend the invitation email to the employee.

Please be advised that inviting an employee into Swingvy may affect your next billing. Refer to the billing articles to understand the charges that may occur in your next billing.

Step 1 - Go to HR Hub > People > Directory

Step 2 - Click on the "Manage employees" button

Step 3 - Look for the resigned employee and click on the triple dot button

Step 4 - Click on "Re-onboard"

Step 5 - Select the work group and click the "Re-onboard" button to save

Swingvy will then send the invitation to your employee's email and you will be receiving an email to notify you on your new billing amount based on the total invited employees.




If the resigned employee previously was working in a different branch (not the main branch), he/she is would be unable to be added back to the main branch. Please contact to relocate them to the main branch.