Security in Swingvy. Is my data safe?

We understand your concerns about the privacy and security of your data.


We know privacy and security are some of the key aspects when using software in a company, and even more, when you are dealing with such sensitive data such as the information human resources has access to. That's why security and privacy is one of our main focuses.  


At Swingvy, data is the heart of our service. To protect our beloved clients' data, we are using 256-bit SSL encryption, the same technology that banks use to keep their account information safe. ‘Bank–level’ security means that Swingvy adheres to the same security encryption standards as your bank.


We routinely run security audits to ensure that we are meeting these standards at all times. We are also hosting our infrastructure on Amazon Web Service, which is the most trusted Cloud Infrastructure as a Service in the World. It means Swingvy’s infrastructure is safe and secured by AWS.


Last but not least, we also have done our due diligence to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, and expect to be certified by the PDP Department in Cyberjaya.


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