Step 5 - Invite employees using bulk upload

HR Hub > Home > Invite employee

Now you are ready to invite your employees into your company account.
Inviting employees is pretty easy as you can use the bulk upload feature. Add all your employees at once by filling out our spreadsheet template.


Please complete the organisation and workgroup setting before generating the bulk file. Information in the downloaded bulk file will follow your account settings. 


Navigate :- 

  • HR Hub> Settings> Organisation
  • HR Hub > Settings > Office > select office  >Workgroup > Main branch

Once you upload & import that spreadsheet, Swingvy sends the invitation email to the employees to get them on board. They will then need to activate their account by accepting the invitation email.




  1. You can set the invite date to a future date should you need some time to get your account ready.
  2. There are also some cases whereby the admin would like to cancel the invitation. You can cancel the invite at your end.

Navigate :

HR Hub > People > Directory > Manage employees > search employees > Cancel onboarding


3. If you would like to onboard a resigned staff, consult your Success Manager.


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