Swingvy payment terms

Modes of Payment

Swingvy accepts payments via Bank Transfer, Credit Card, and PayNow (Singapore only). Swingvy sends invoices to your account via the billing page and the notifications to your company account's admin. 

How to make payment via Bank Transfer?

To make payment by Bank Transfer, kindly follow the below steps:

Step 1 - Click "Billing" on the right side Menu Bar

Step 2 - Ensure the payment method is bank transfer

Step 3 - Click the invoice button

Step 4 - Double-check all information thoroughly. Kindly refer to the below for our bank details.


Bank details

Swingvy Malaysia

Account Name: Swingvy Sdn Bhd
Account Number: 3201452729
Bank Name: Public Bank
Bank Address: No. 1 & 3, Jalan Solaris 1, Solaris Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Swift Code: PBBEMYKL

Swingvy Singapore
Account Name: Swingvy Pte Ltd
Account Number: 381-305-688-5
Bank Name: UOB Bank
Bank Address: 80 Raffles Place #18-20, UOB Plaza 2, Singapore 048624.
Swift Code: UOVBSGSG
Step 5 - Send the remittance slip to Swingvy Customer Success via email support@swingvy.com



Please send us the remittance slip as we would need to verify the payment details on our end. Otherwise, the invoices will not be marked as 'Paid' and you will continue to receive reminder emails on the invoice.


How to make payment via Credit Card? (preferred)

Swingvy accepts both Credit and Debit cards. Most customers are able to use debit cards without any issue, but the decision about whether a particular transaction is allowed on debit is made by your bank or card provider.
You can set this up with just a few simple steps.  To begin, add a new credit card.

Your account will be updated automatically upon successful payment. Below is everything you'll need to know in regards to setting up a credit card payment and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Important troubleshooting for any credit card error that may arise.

Credit card declines
There are a few reasons a credit card may be declined when you are attempting to pay for Swingvy. This notification is not from our software, but rather, directly from your bank or card provider.
Unfortunately, we won't receive specific information about why the card is being declined, or how to correct it. The two most common causes we find for a "card declined" message is:

  1. Your credit card number and expiry date are incorrect. Please check and try again.
  2. You are using a debit card, and your bank won't allow this transaction on a debit card.

Solving declined transactions
Contact your bank and ask them why it is being declined. In some cases, it will take a few calls to get the bank to reveal the cause, and their first-level support people may not know why.
From our end, we can only check that payments for other cards are going through and that our payment gateway is operating correctly.
International transaction fees
Swingvy supports two currencies for account billing. However, if you pay in a currency that doesn't match the one attached to your credit card, some card providers will charge an extra fee, known as an "international transaction fee" or "foreign currency fee".
This makes the total that you pay slightly higher than what your Swingvy invoice states. The extra charge is usually 1–3% of the invoice cost and it's either charged as a separate transaction on your credit card or added to the invoice total.
Please be assured, Swingvy is only charging you the amount noted on your account invoices. Also, our billing system cannot detect if the extra charge is being added by your bank, so, unfortunately, we can't include the amount on your invoice. 

How to make payment via PayNow (for Singapore customers only)?

Send payment via our Unique Entity Number (UEN): 201635071C



  1. Not all banks charge international transaction fees. To avoid paying them, look for a credit card provider that does not charge fees for exchanging foreign currency.
  2. Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it within the subscription period. To cancel your subscription, contact the Swingvy Customer Success team via support@swingvy.com from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 6 PM (MYT/SGT) (exclude public holiday)

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