Calendar integration

Swingvy allows you to easily connect your company calendar with Google, Outlook or iCal. Meaning your team has full oversight on people's holidays, sick days, and new joiner start dates from their preferred calendar. 

Configuring integration 

Step 1 - Go to HR Hubs > Calendar and click calendar integration

Step 2 - Copy the links from the respective calendars ( All leave, department leave or office holiday)

Step 3 - Paste it to your preferred calendar (scroll down to learn more)


Integrate with Google Calendar

Step 1 - Generate calendar link from your Swingvy

Step 2 - Head on over to your web calendar and click on the plus next to another calendar

Step 3 - Select From URL

Step 4 - Then all that's left is to paste the link and click Add calendar



Integrate with Outlook Calendar

Step 1 - Sign in to

Step 2 - At the bottom of the page, select calendar

Step 3 - In the navigation pane, select Add calendar

Step 4 - Select Subscribe from the web


Step 5 - Enter the URL for the calendar

Step 6  - Add the calendar link and give it a name 



Please note that changes of events may take up to 12 hours to be reflected in your calendar due to the policy of individual calendar programs.


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