Cancel leave request

HR Hub > Leave > Request

Any leave applied can be cancelled before your manager approves it. Cancelling a leave request only requires a few simple steps.

Cancel leave request using the web login

Step 1 - Go to Leave > Request
Step 2 - Look for Request history
Step 3 - Find the leave request
Step 4 - Cancel request



Cancel leave request using mobile apps (iOS & Android user)

Step 1 - Open the mobile app
Step 2 - Look for My leave > click view all 
Step 3 - Click on Pending leave > Click cancel 
Step 4 - Cancel request



  1. Only pending leave requests can be cancelled from your end.
  2. If you want to cancel an approved leave, contact your company Swingvy account admin or your reporting Manager.
  3. Your leave balance will automatically reflect the new balance on the day the leave is cancelled.