Edit leave balance

Leave > Balance

Leave balance means the actual leave entitlement for the current leave cycle - leave taken + leave adjustment (up to current)
We never know when we need to adjust the employees' leave balance. However, updating the leave balance is simple. In Swingvy, there's a section where you can update your employees' leave balance in just a minute.
There are two ways you can update the employees' leave balance: 

  • Individual update
  • Bulk update

Adjust or edit leave balance using the individual update method

Step 1 - Go to Leave > Balance

Step 2 - Select employee

Step 3 - Edit balance

Step 4 - Click on "Save"
Example of adding leave balance: 

Example of deducting leave balance: 


Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 12-39-42 PM-png-1


Once a leave request has been submitted and pending for approval, the leave balance will be deducted. It will automatically be reverted into the leave balance should the approver decline the leave request.

Adjust or edit leave balance using bulk update

You can do the bulk update by downloading and filling out the excel spreadsheet.

Step 1 - Go to Leave > Balance

Step 2 - Click on the "Bulk update" button

Step 3 - Click on the "Download" button

Step 4 - Fill out the new leave balance in the spreadsheet file

Step 5 - Save the file in your device

Step 6 - Click on the "Choose a file" button to upload the file

Step 7 - Import & Update to save the changes
The leave balance will be recorded in the Balance Change History tab. You can click on the balance amount to see the reasons for the changes in the leave balance. These may include group entitlement updated by the admin, approved leave, declined leave, cancelled leave, deleting the entitlement group and so on.


All approved leave data from your previous system will not be available in Swingvy. Kindly advise your employee to reapply for record purposes.