Enable multi-level leave approval

Leave > Settings

In Swingvy, the leave approval is set to 1 level by default. The approver can be set as the 'Reports to', Head of Department or Designated person. 

You can add up to 3 levels of approvers under multi-level approval. Here's how:

Step 1 - Go to Leave > Settings

Step 2 - Select office (only if you have more than 1 office)

Step 3 - Go to "Setting up approvers" section

Step 4 - Click on "Edit" at the "Approvers" section

Step 5 - Click on "Add an approver"

Step 6 - Select approver

Step 7 - Click on "Save"
Add leave approver-gif-1
In the event your organisation requires only one approver, you may disable the multi-level leave approval by clicking on the trash can button.

Delete leave approver-gif-1

A leave application is concluded as Approved only if it goes through the entire workflow without being rejected at any stage. By enabling a multi-level of approval, all leave requests must be approved by all approvers before being displayed as Approved at the employees' end.

You are able to set different leave approval settings for different offices you have. Make sure to select the correct office before proceeding with the settings.