Generate SOCSO 8A

With Swingvy payroll, the SOCSO 8A file can be generated directly from the system upon payroll completion. This will save you the hassle to enter all the employees SOCSO and EIS contribution amount manually into the Socso portal. 

Generate SOCSO 8A form from monthly payroll

After the payroll confirmation, all the payroll and statutory reports will be available at the final step, payment and submission.
To generate the SOCSO 8A test file, click on the bank file at the Socso column. 
The file will be downloaded and can be uploaded into Socso Assist Portal for submission and payment.
 Generate socso 8A (1)
 Generate SOCSO 8A form from payroll history
If any of the payroll reports were not generated before the completion, they can still be generated from the payroll history. 
Go to Payroll history, select the month to generate the required file. 
Generate socso 8A history (1)