Getting started with the mobile app

Swingvy mobile app is very seamless as everything is at your fingertips. In the Swingvy mobile app, you are able to view events on a specific date, getting the employee information and much more.



There are several information available in mobile. In the bottom menu, there is Home, My office, Inbox, More and also the + button where you can submit claims and request leave.

At my office tab, you are able to see the employee directory where some of the employee’s information is available. Then you can view all offices' branch location and address, number of employee in all of the offices and the workday. At the news tab, you are able to see all the news posted by the admin or employees of the company.



The inbox is where all the notifications for declined and approved leave and claims is available. You will also receive a notification via email. To make tracking easier, you can also check the inbox from time to time.



In the “More” menu, you can view all the features available in the mobile app. You can change your profile photo under the profile image, you can set push notifications, there are shortcuts to the help center and you can contact us, together with the Terms of service and privacy policy.