How to amend submitted IR8A forms via AIS


Amendment of IR8S, Appendix 8A, and Appendix 8B are not supported in Swingvy. If the amendment for the appendices (IR8S, Appendix 8A/8B) affects the figures submitted for Form IR8A, an IR8A amendment file must be submitted as well via myTax Portal.

If you have already submitted the IR8A form with benefits-in-kind amounts, learn how to amend it here.

Amend IR8A and submit directly to IRAS under Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS)

You have already submitted IR8A and realize you have made a mistake or missed certain items to fill in for employee(s)?

Worry not, amending the IR8A forms is easy on Swingvy. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can make the amendment.

Step 1 - Head over to Payroll > Year-end tax 

Step 2 - Click on 'Create amendment file'

Step 3 - Choose the employee(s) to amend details for.

Step 4 - Amend the needed details


  1. Only those included in the Original tax file in 'Submitted' status will appear on the employee list.
  2. The original file can be submitted only once per employee, but the Amendment file can be submitted multiple times, and all amendment records will be accumulated.
  3. The employee's personal particulars (e.g. address, date of birth, name of fund) cannot be edited during amendment. To correct this info, email the correct details through myTaxMail. (Select Businesses > Employers > Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS))
  • Prepare and submit only the difference in the amount(s) between the income reported to IRAS and the actual income the affected employee(s) earned. 
  • Enter a negative amount if you have over-declared in the original file.
  • Leave all other numeric fields not affected by the error, blank.
  • Learn more in the amendment guide


  • Under declared
Actual Salary = $28,000
Submitted Salary (under declared) = $24,000
Difference = $4,000

You should submit:
1 Amendment Record with the amount at Salary field = $4,000 
  • Over declared

Actual Bonus = $5,000
Submitted Salary (over declared) = $8,000
Difference = -$3,000

You should submit:
1 Amendment Record with the amount at Bonus field = $-3,000 

Step 5 - Click on "Save" then Click on 'Proceed

Step 6 - Validate your IRAS > Click on 'Submit to IRAS'

There is a security authentication before submitting to IRAS. 

Step 6 i - After clicking the submit button, there will be a message box to log in with CorpPass

Step 6 ii: Once you log in to CorpPass, you need to provide permission. Swingvy is able to submit tax filings/ IR8A amendments only after permission is granted.