How to ensure MTD/PCB calculation accuracy in Swingvy?

Swingvy uses a computerized method to calculate the employee's MTD (Month Tax Deduction). This method is equivalent to the e-PCB by IRB.  
PCB stands for Potongan Cukai Bulanan in the Malaysian national language. The acronym is popularly known for monthly tax deductions among many Malaysians.
A couple of values are needed to obtain an accurate PCB result.
Before starting the computation of the employee's MTD, we must identify the employee's status and some other information below:  
  • Residential Status
  • Marital Status
  • Disable Individual
  • Spouse Working
  • Disable Spouse
  • No of Children 
  • Past month remuneration - If the employee has worked before in the current year
  • Past month EPF contribution - Maximum RM4,000 relief per year
  • Past month MTD amount - If any 
  • Past month tax relief deduction - If any
  • Current month remuneration
  • Current month EPF contribution 
  • Current month tax relief deduction 
Below is an example of PCB computation with a simulation data: 
First, calculate the P-value from the above values
P-value is the total chargeable income for a year
From the P-value, we are able to determine the percentage of tax based on the first chargeable income
Table of the tax rate

The MTD amount will be calculated with the formula defined by the IRB.

Verify MTD results with Swingvy's one-click verification

To verify the PCB result manually can be a very hassle task, the result might also turn out vary if the amount used during the verification is not consistent. Swingvy provides a convenient way to help users verify their MTD with a click of a button. All the information will be auto-populated into the LHDN calculator, the result will be generated instantly.
Verify PCB
From the run payroll page, click on the auto-verify link.
Check the MTD result directly in the LHDN calculator. Click on the MTD Calculation button to view the detailed breakdown.
Verify PCB (1)


If the Auto-verify button does not lead you to the calculation page, try using the browser in private/incognito mode.