How to revert a payroll

Reversing payroll is crucial for the admin as sometimes the payroll needs to be amended at the very last minute. In Swingvy, payrolls can be reverted from your end with limitations to keep your payroll calculation accurate. Reverting a payroll is available at step 3, Payment & Submission.

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All future month payroll needs to be at step 1 to revert the current month payroll.
Example: If you want to revert July payroll, August payroll is at step adjust payroll


Here are scenarios and steps for you to revert payroll.

Scenario 1:
You have mistakenly confirmed a payroll and need to make amendments.
Step 1: Click the revert button at the bottom left, and it will revert the payroll to step adjust payroll.

Scenario 2:
The Payroll approver has approved the payroll, and you realise that some items need amendments. The payroll is now at step review and confirm and it is approved.
Step 1: Click the 'Confirm payroll' button and proceed to step payment and submission
Step 2: Click revert payroll at the bottom left, and it will revert the payroll to step adjust payroll.

Scenario 3:
You want to revert the previous month's payroll while the current month payroll is completed (on Step payment and submission).
Step 1: This can only be done from our side. To do so, you can contact


There may be a situation where you'd need to revert the Ad hoc/Mid-month payroll. To revert an Adhoc/Mid-month payroll, the payroll of the month-end needs to be in step 1.



Payslip will not be overridden when payroll is reverted. You need to send a payslip to all employe again after payroll completion because the precious link sent is not viewable anymore.