Payroll items - Additions

Payroll Addition items mean an additional income on top of the employees' gross pay salary. 
There are two types of payroll Addition items - Default and Customised

1. Default Payroll Additions

Swingvy includes the most common (frequently used) payroll Addition items for you by default. 
Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 11.27.23 AM
Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 11.27.37 AM

These standard Addition items are created by default and you are unable to edit them.

You can create your own customised Addition items if needed. To make further changes to a payroll itemscroll down to No 2 - Customised Additions items to learn how. 
However, these default Addition items can be edited under two circumstances: 
  • Updating the basic amount of additional items
  • Select employee for monthly recurrence 

SG_updateing default payroll items 

2. Customised Payroll Additions

Select this option only when you need to set up customised Additions items. 
Step 1: Enter the new Addition name
Step 2: If you want to calculate the Addition by unit, select the checkbox and enter the unit amount (When you run payroll, you can calculate the amount by entering the ‘No. of unit’. The formula is ‘Unit amount’ x 'No. of units').
Step 3: If the addition is proratable for the new joiner/resignee, tick the box accordingly.
image (3)
Step 4: Select CPF and SDL if the payroll item is subjected to statutory, otherwise leave the boxes unchecked
Step 5: Define the payroll item as “Ordinary Wage” or “Additional Wage” (If Applicable)
Step 6: Select the IR8A field category the payroll Addition belongs to (if N.A, select N.A)
Step 7: Assign payroll Addition to “All employees” or selected employees if the payroll Addition is a monthly recurring payroll item. Otherwise, select “No assignee”.
Step 8: Click Save


The proration will only be calculated based on the proration setting that has been set in:

Payroll > Setting > Payroll Setting > Proration Setting

Below are the conditions when it is configurable and  how it is calculated:
The condition when it is configurable
  • It is only configurable only when ‘Apply pro-rata calculation for new joiners/resignees’ is ENABLED in  ‘Payroll > Setting > Payroll setting > Proration setting’  (If not enabled, the checkbox is not visible)
The info about the calculation formula
  • The calculation will be based on the ‘Pro-rata basis’ set in ‘Payroll > Setting > Payroll setting > Proration setting’.

Learn more about Payroll Addition items:

There are two types of Payroll Additions for Singapore payroll, they are Ordinary Wages (OW) and Additional Wages (AW). The difference between these two wages is how they appear on the IR8A form. 
For any payment to be classified as OW, it should satisfy two conditions:
  • It must be a remuneration granted wholly or exclusively in respect of an employee's employment during that month.
  • It must be paid before the due date or payment of CPF contribution of that month.

All other remunerations which do not constitute as OW are deemed to be AW. 

  1. Addition name - Enter a unique name for the new payroll item
  2. Basic amount - The amount will be auto-generated every month for the selected employees. You can still edit the amount when running the payroll.
  3. Calculate by unit – When you run payroll, you can calculate the amount by entering the ‘No. of unit’. (Formula: ‘Unit amount’ x 'No. of unit')
  4. Statutory - Tick on the statutory attribute for this new item:
    1. CPF
    2. SDL
    3. iR8A Field
  5. Select employee(s) for monthly recurrence - Apply to all or selected employees