Payroll items - Deductions

Payroll Deduction is anything that is taken from an employee's pay, whether it be pre or post-tax, other than payroll taxes themselves.
We provide two options for creating the list of your payroll items - Deductions:

1. Most common Deduction items (default)

Swingvy adds the most common (frequently used) Deduction payroll items for you. 
Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 4.58.32 PM
This standard Addition item is created by default and you are not allowed to edit the below categories:
  • Deduction name: A unique name for the addition payroll item
  • Statutory: Statutory attribution
  • Wage types: Select either ordinary wage or additional wage
  • IR8A field: The payroll wage that will be reflected in the IR8A
Create your own customised additions items if necessary. To make further changes to a payroll itemscroll down to No 2 - Customised Deduction items to learn how. 
However, these default Deduction items can be edited in:
  • Updating the unit amount of Deduction items

  • Select employees for monthly recurrence

2. Customised Deduction items
Select this option if you need to set up your customised Deduction items:
a)   Enter the new Deduction name
b)   If the Deduction is unit base, select the checkbox and enter the per-unit amount
c)   Select the statutory which will be subjected to this Deduction

Learn more about Payroll Deduction items:

Additions for Singapore payroll 2 types which are Ordinary Wages and Additional Wages. The difference between these 2 wages will be on the IR8A.
  1. Name - Enter a unique name for the new payroll item
  2. Calculate by unit – When you run payroll, you can calculate the amount by entering the ‘No. of unit’. (Formula: ‘Unit amount’ x 'No. of unit')
  3. Statutory - tick on the statutory attribute for this new item
    1. CPF
    2. SDL
    3. IR8A Field
  4. Select employee(s) for monthly recurrence - Apply to all or selected employees