PSG claim

How to claim for PSG grant?

You can follow the below step-by-step to claim the PSG grant via the Business Grant Portal (BGP).


Before submitting the claim for PSG, kindly ensure you have the below supporting documents:

1. Quotation/order

2. Invoice

3. Receipt

4. One month usage report (This can be a copy of Leave/Claims/Payroll report and a copy of employee report under HR Hub)

Step 1:

• Login to BGP > My Grants > Claims
• Click on ‘File new claim’

Step 2:

• Select approved grant you wish to submit claim for
• Click ‘Proceed’

Step 3: Contact Details

• Fill in your contact details

Step 4: Claim information

• Fill in your claim information
• Upload supporting documents
• Fill in payment details
• Fill in deployment location
• Fill in your claim amount





Swingvy is a cloud-based system and doesn't have a software license number(s). Kindly indicate this if it is requested in BGP.

Step 5: Business outcomes

• Fill in details of business outcomes

Step 6: Declaration & submit

• Complete declaration section accordingly
• Where applicable, indicate your consent & acknowledgement
• Review claim and click ‘Submit’