See how employees request for leave

HR Hub > Leave > Request

Say hello to modern HR! No more paper needed to request leave.
Plan your leave, log your unplanned leave and make sure all of them are recorded for future references.
Step 1 - Go to Leave > Request

Step 2 - Look for the Request leave section

Step 3 - Select leave type

Step 4 - Select leave start & end date

Step 5 - Fill in the leave reason (if required)

Step 6 - Attach file (if required)

Step 7 - Select approver (if required)

Step 8 - Add CC (if required)

Step 9 - Send Request

Types of leaves

There are 4 types of leaves available in Swingvy:

1. All-day (full day)
2. AM (half day in the morning)
3. PM (half day in the afternoon)
4. Hourly leave (if the company has the hourly leave policy)
Screenshot 2021-07-05 at 11.53.13 AM-1

Request for leave using web login

request for leave-1

1. Select colleagues if you wish to notify about your leave once it is approved.
2. Only the HR admin can assist to delete your approved leaves.


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