Set up earned leave

Leave > Settings

Earned leave means that for every 1 month/1 day that the employees work, they will earn a certain number of days of annual leave. The number of days the employees earn depends on the entitlement that the employees have been offered.
Activating earned leave is not a complicated job. Simply activate it by following these steps: 
Step 1 - Go to Leave > Settings

Step 2 - Select leave type

Step 3 - Look for the "Advanced settings" section

Step 4 - Click on "Edit"

Step 5 - Enable earned leave

Step 6 - Click on "Save

Earned leave calculation

Earned leaves allow your employees to work for a period of time before they can request for leave. You can refer to below scenario on how earned leave calculation is done. 

Sample scenario of earned leave calculation:
Join date: 1-Jun-2017
Current date: 30-Nov-2018
Leave entitlement: 16 days
Leave calculation: 11/12 * 16 = 14.6
Date leave entitle: 1st every month
Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 5.08.25 PM


1. Every leave type will require separate carry forward leave settings.
2. You can manually enable earned leaves as it was turned off by default.