Set working hours for office and workgroup

The main function of setting up an employee's working hours is to ensure that salary proration is calculated accurately. Setting up working hours will also enable time tracking for the selected work group.
Step 1 - Go to HR hub > Company settings > select office
Step 2 - Click Workgroup on the menu under office name > scroll to the end of the page
Step 3 - Select Working group > scroll to the end of the page
Step 4 - Click Set working hours
On the same page, update the actual working hours and define the start and end working time.
Step 1 - Click Edit
Step 2 - Customise employee work hours per day 
Step 3 - Set up the start time and end time (Flexible or Fixed Working Hours) 
Step 4 - Define start working time

Swingvy tip: 

  • Flexible working hours refers to the schedule which allows employees to start and finish their workday when they want. This means that employees can come to work earlier or later than the set time
  • fixed work schedule is a timetable that generally consists of the same number of hours and days worked per week. Fixed work schedules tend to stay consistent once the number of hours

  • Kindly take note your work hours start time must be at least 2 hours after the day start time
    and the work hours end time must be at least 2 hours before the day start time. 

    Your work day starts at 8.00 am and Rachels' (your employee) shift starts at 9.00 am. If she comes early to work and clocks in at 8.50 am, her timestamp will be shown that she stamped in today.