Step 1 - Activate my account

The first step towards using Swingvy is accepting the email invitation that has been sent to your email. Sometimes the email invitations might land in your spam/junk folder so you might want to check there. If the email is still not there, kindly contact your HR Admin.

5 simple steps to start using Swingvy!

  1. Accept the invitation
  2. Set your password
  3. Choose your Reporting Manager
  4. Go to and click login to start using Swingvy
  5. Download the Swingvy app


1. You need to select your Reporting manager in order to complete the account activation. If you do not know who you'd be reporting to, select anyone from the drop-down list and inform your HR admin to amendi t accordingly for you later on.

2. When you first sign in, this is the landing page that you would be seeing. We strongly recommend you to set your profile for other colleagues to understand more about you.