Types of report available in Swingvy

1. Employee profile report

This report consists of employees' information such as the emergency contact person, certification, job skills and more. You can create a custom report as needed.

Note: This report is available in the HR hub module. 


2. Leave history report

You have the option to export a leave history report. This report will show you all the leaves that have been taken by your employees.

Note: This report is only available in the Leave module.


3. Claims history report

Export an overview of the approved claims. You can extract a report by selecting the approved dates and the employees who have submitted the claims. There are 2 types of reports you may generate: 
1. Approved claims
2. Submitted claims (successfully submitted/reimbursed into Swingvy Payroll)

Note:  This report is only available in the Claims module. 


4. Payroll report

Keep a copy of your payroll for future references. During or after the payroll is completed, you can download the following reports: 
1. Payroll report
2. Variance report
3. Bank files

Note:  This report is only available in the Payroll module.