Upload bank file to Malaysia RHB

The bank file format for RHB is Smart Payroll. You can select RHB from the Bank information setting and choose Smart Payroll as the format. Then, the bank file can be downloaded from step 3 of pay run. Key in the value date and download.

To upload the bank file, please follow below step: 

Step 1: Log in to your RHB Reflex account
Step 2: Click at payment and select file upload from the drop down menu
Step 3: Click Smart Payroll
Step 4: Enter the account number by selecting it from the search button
Step 5: Select the payment date
Step 6: Upload the file by clicking the choose file button
Step 7: To authenticate the transaction please enter the challenge code and proceed with token
Step 8: Then, click submit should everything is correctly filled. 

Please contact RHB if you encounter a problem on their platform, 03-92068118