Upload bank file to Singapore DBS Ideal

The bank file format for DBS is DBS Giro file. Downloading and uploading the bank file is very simple and easy. You can upload your bank file in your DBS Ideal account (DBS internet banking platform) to effect automated GIRO transfer of salaries to your employees.

In Swingvy, go to Payroll > Settings > Company details > Bank information and confirm that all information has been keyed in correctly. Whether your corporate/company bank account is with POSB or DBS, select DBS under this setting.

Ensure that your bank file format is selected as “GIRO”. This is a one-time setup.

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The "Sender's Company ID" refers to the Company ID given by DBS to log in to DBS IDEALTM. All alphabet characters should be in capital letters.

Once you've set this, you can download your bank file after completing your Payrun (at Step 3).

Otherwise, if you've completed the payrun, you may download your bank file anytime through Payroll > Payroll history > select the month’s payrun you desire > download bank file.


The Value date of the bank file will be the downloaded date. This can be amended on DBS Ideal.



DBS has upgraded its internet banking interface with the below flow:

Log in > select Pay & Transfer > Bulk payment. It will redirect you to the old interface as per the steps in this article to submit your bank file.

However, if you do not see this function, this means the access permission to “Pay & Transfer” was not granted. You have to activate the full function by submitting the DBS Ideal Maintenance form, via a branch or post to them. Then, they will process the activation which would take around 3 to 5 working days upon receiving the information.

Should everything work perfectly, you can follow the step below to upload, submit and process payroll through DBS. 

Step 1: Log in to the DBS Ideal page
Step 2: Click on the files menu and select upload file from the dropdown menu

Step 3: Click on create now
Step 4: Create a profile name (example: Payroll ABC Pte Ltd).Select Payment type as “Payroll” and File format as “New Interbank GIRO”. Any other options will cause an error of “Record type should be 0”.

Step 5: You can set the profile access as Public and it will allow the approver to approve the uploaded file
Step 6: Payment date override can be tick should you want a future value date. Do note that GIRO transfer takes around 1-2 working days to be fully processed. This is DBS’s internal processing timeline, do kindly call DBS should you need clarification. Profile access should follow your DBS Ideal internet banking approval settings.
Step 7: Head back to the profile list, you should be able to see the profile you have set up. Select “Execute” under “Action” on the far right hand of the row. Select and upload the DBS GIRO bank file you have downloaded from Swingvy. Select “Payment date” should you opt for “Payment date override” as the date you want your funds to be effected and click “Submit”. Please continue with the Approval steps below. 


Under “Approvals” > Select/Tick beside your "Profile Name" for payrun you want to approve for, click "Approve". Follow the steps indicated in your DBS Ideal

Your DBS file upload is completed. Should you have more than 1 level of approval, please kindly follow your access level set with DBS. 

Click submit if all details are correct. The profile created is complete and you may use it for the upcoming salary cycle

Should you require any clarifications, you can contact DBS BusinessCare at 1800-222-2200 (Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 8:30pm) or email them at businesscaresg@dbs.com.sg.