Generating E form

Form E is a declaration report submitted by every employer to inform the IRB on the number of employees and the list of employee's income details every year (no later than 31st March).

With Swingvy, the account admin can decide to either download the E form via preloaded data or via filling.
 E form




  • Select E-Filling if you paid online via IRB (recommended)
  • Select filling for manual submission if you made manual payment at the LHDN counter

The group of employees who are applicable to Form E:

  • The Company Director who received salary or fees
  • Contract staff who received monthly remuneration
  • Company’s permanent employees
  • Foreign workers under the company permit
  • Part-timers with EPF contribution

The group of employees who are not applicable to Form E:

  • Sub-contractors
  • Sole proprietors who received a salary
  • Individual service provider/ self-employed individual
  • External consultants
  • Part-timers without EPF contribution
  • Partners (in partnership) who received a salary