Step 3 - Setting up account permission

HR Hub> Settings > Permission

In this step, you're about to define the types of login groups and manage what they can see. 

The default group always be 

  • Admin
  • Employee




Can make can changes to users and accounts.  They can also access the following sections of the product that are not available to employee users.


Admin users usually have all view permission and it is not editable. 


  • Account setting details
  • Billing details
  • Reports
  • Swingvy Leave
  • Swingvy Payroll 
  • Swingvy Claims 
  • Benefits

Usually employees of the account.  They can not make changes to the account or other users because they do no have access to the sections listed above.


Admin can manage what they can see by choosing what you want them to see.

(Refer to the table below) 


Additionally, you can allow access to a group of people to manage a specific module (Swingvy Leave, Payroll, Claims, and Benefits)



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