Start Swingvy subscriptions

Upgrading to Swingvy paid plan is very simple. Once logged into your administrator account, hover your mouse to your profile photo and click Billing to select a plan and start the subscription.

Start Swingvy subscription

Step 1 - Hover your mouse to your profile photo and click Billing

Step 2 - Go to "Subscription info"

Step 3 - Click "Select plan"

Step 4 - Select the desired plan in the "Plan type" section. Available plans are as follow: 

  • Standard plan
  • Premium plan

Step 5 - Select "Add-ons"

  • Payroll
  • Time

Swingvy tip: 

Payroll and Time add-ons are enabled by default. Click the "Remove" button should you wish to exclude Payroll or Time from your subscription.

Step 6 - Select billing cycle

Swingvy tip: 

You can choose between two billing cycles - annual and monthly. Both billing cycles work in similar ways, but with some different benefits (save up to 15% for an annual subscription).

Step 7 - Select payment method

Swingvy tip: 

Swingvy accepts bank transfers and credit cards as payment methods. But we highly recommend the payment via credit card for a seamless renewal & billing management.


Learn more about the payment method here



Swingvy tip: 

  1. 'Users' mean invited employees in your Swingvy account. Go to HR Hub > People > Directory if you want to review & manage your invited employees
  2. You are unable to cancel the subscription from your end. Should you wish to unsubscribe/cancel the subscription, kindly reach out to our Swingvy Support by clicking on the "Help" button in your Swingvy account
  3. Swingvy charges are based on the current number of invited user (active & onboarding) in your account