What to do if your company is not registered for submission via (Auto-Inclusion Scheme) AIS

It’s not mandatory to join AIS for employers with less than 5 employees. Employers who are not under the AIS will have to provide the hardcopy Form IR8A and appendices (where applicable) to their employees by 1 March each year to file their Income Tax Returns.

Employers do not have to submit the forms to IRAS.

Here are the steps for manual IR8A forms submission:

  1. After checking all the IR8A forms, you can choose to "Send" or "Download" all employees' IR8A forms".

    Step 1 - Go to Payroll > Year-end tax > EA Form

    Step 2 - Click "Send all" to send the forms directly to all employees or "Download all" if you would like to download them instead. You can also Send or Download the form individually.

  2. If you choose to download the forms, proceed to pass them to your employees by 1 March so that they can file their own income tax returns at myTaxPortal.

  3. Learn more about manual submission here


  1. Swingvy doesn’t support the IR8S form, Appendix 8A, and Appendix 8B.
  2. We encourage you to register for Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) so you're able to submit IR8A forms directly via Swingvy. You can apply for AIS for YA 2024 accordingly and the registration deadline is by 31 December 2023.