Why payroll can't be reverted

Now, payroll is able to be reverted by the admin with just a click of a button and step 3, the Payment & submission page. However, there are a few scenarios where the revert button is greyish and a reversal is unable to be done from the admin’s end. Below are some scenarios of payroll that can’t be reverted

1. Future Monthly payroll is not at step 1

The future payroll month needs to be at step one if you want to revert to the current/previous month's payroll. For example, if you need to revert November 2021 payroll, the December 2021 and future month payroll needs to be at step 1, Adjust payroll. You can revert the December 2021 payroll and only then November 2021 can be reverted.

2. The payroll is completed

Completed payroll is unable to be reverted from the admin’s end. You can contact support@swingvy.com and request to revert the respective month payroll


Swingvy tip:

For Ad hoc/Mid-month payroll, it is only able to be reverted when the Monthly payroll is at step 1. However, if you have clicked the 'Complete Payroll' button during run an Ad hoc payroll, please contact support@swingvy.com to revert it from completion.


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