Map payroll to chart of accounts

The fields displayed in this section depend on what you have set up in the integration settings section.


In this section, you will map your Swingvy payroll items to your Xero chart of accounts under Payroll item mapping. There are 3 columns: 

  • Payroll item

These are the payroll items that you have set up in Swingvy Payroll module. To learn more about Swingvy payroll items, click here

  • Xero account

This is a chart of accounts set up in Xero. To see your chart of account list, kindly go to your Xero account: 
xero account map-gif-1

  • Xero contact

You can use Xero Contact to consolidate or group different bills together. To learn more about Xero contact, click here


Map payroll to charts of accounts


Step 1 - Click “edit” at the top right section of “Payroll item mapping”. Select your chart of accounts under each row that indicates the respective payroll item. Selecting Xero contact is optional depending on whether you require groupings of bills.


item mapping-gif-1
Step 2 - Click Save when you are done with the mapping
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