Frequently asked questions

1. How can I integrate Swingvy payroll to Xero?
Locate your “integrations” tab under HR Hub > Settings. Click configure integration to begin. Please ensure that your payroll items have been set up in Swingvy payroll before integration with Xero.

2.  How do I disconnect from Xero?
Locate your “integrations” tab under HR Hub > Settings. Click “configure integration”.
At the bottom left page, click Disconnect from Xero.

3. How does Swingvy charge for the Xero connection in my Swingvy account? 
Xero integration is enabled for FREE to all Swingvy accounts.

4. Does my payroll entries automatically sync to my Xero Chart of Accounts? Do I need to initiate it?
After completing payroll for the month in Swingvy Payroll, you will then be able to push your payroll entries to your Xero “Bills”.

5. What information is on my Xero bill?
Each Payroll entry and its total amount sent to Xero will be reflected in your Xero Bill, tagged to your chart of accounts.

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To learn more about mapping your payroll items to the Xero Chart of Accounts, see here.

6. What payroll items do I need to map to Xero?
Depending on your company practice, you can either map your payroll items by Net Salary or Basic Salary: 

  • Net Salary is a common and simpler method. The payroll items populated in payroll items mapping will contain payroll data of Net salary and Statutory items only
  • The basic Salary method is used for a detailed breakdown of all payroll items

7. What is Xero Contact? Is it mandatory to create one?
The purpose of creating Xero Contacts is to help you consolidate or group your bills together in Xero. It is not a mandatory fill when mapping your payroll items to the Xero Chart of Accounts. To learn how to set up Xero contact, please refer to this article.

8. If I want to record net salary in Xero in separate accounts i.e. Directors' salaries & staff salaries, how do I map?
You can set tracking categories in Xero, and select mapping by departments in Swingvy. Connect each tracking category to each department set up in Swingvy. Set directors to be under the "Management" department or a separate department you have set out in Swingvy. Once these are set in place, net salary and other payroll data will be created in bills according to departments.

9. I would like to map claims to Xero, but we use the “direct payment” option in claims instead of “through payroll”. How to send to Xero in this case?
If you use the direct payment option, you need to create a claims bill separately in Xero. Only those claims items that integrate and connect to payroll will be able to map to Xero.


10. Why is Xero disconnected from my Swingvy account?

Xero integration token will expire after 60 days and it is a system limitation. It is advisable for you to reconnect Xero every 60 days. You can first disconnect Xero and connect it back.