Step 2 - Enable time tracking

This article covers how to enable time tracking in your account. To begin, click on the work group in the Time module and then go to settings.
Then, follow the below steps to start enabling your time tracking:
Step 1 - Click Edit settings, slide to activate
Step 2 - Enable your office location by sliding the geo-fencing button


Your office location must be set in advance in the HR hub setting (HR Hub > Company settings> Office). See how to set up your office location 

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area, which in this case is your office. This is why it is important to have your office address set up in the HR Hub so that the geofencing works accurately. 


Step 3 - Set the Time log approver
Step 4 - Set the Overtime approver


The difference between these two is:

Time log: The daily log in and out for work.
Overtime: Extra hours of work that an employee has done and wants to apply for.


Time advanced setting

On the same page, click "Advanced" to set employee break calculation. On this page, you are about to define how you want to calculate the employee break calculation.
Example: The employee takes a one-hour lunch break.

  • 8 hours - 1 hour 
  • The total hours worked for that day is 7 hours

Select "Automatic deduction on fixed breaks", if you want your employee's break to be automatically deducted.
If you want your employee to clock out for their break time, and clock in again when they resume their work, select "Clock out for breaks"


And you're done! If you don't practice overtime in your company, you can stop here - but if you provide OT to your employees, you can continue to set up your overtime policy.


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